“Dr. Shirvani started taking care of my teeth about 15 years ago. My experience with her has been amazing. She is such a caring, knowledgeable, and skillful dentist that I do not hesitate to travel from San Jose to San Francisco to get the best dental care. I recently took my mom to Dr. Shirvani’s office, and her experience was as great as mine. I had to take a day off to be able to travel to her office and she was nice enough to ask her lab to work with us in order to get the job done on the same day. When I said thank-you to her, she mentioned ‘Any time! I am very happy to see your mom’s beautiful smile and that she is not using her hand to hide it.’ Such a caring and skillful doctor and I am very happy to have found her.”

— Nasim T.


“Years of dental issues has left me a little nervous in the dental chair. Dr. Shirvani is as smart, kind, and gentle as Dr. Murakami. I am grateful she found such a capable person to fill her big shoes.”

— Lauren H.


“Dr. Shirvani is new (though an experienced dentist) to a long-established practice. Those of us who saw and loved Dr. Murakami for years wondered who would take over the practice. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Shirvani. She has a down-to-earth manner, and is very good at explaining the clinical issues in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way as well as the options for treatment. Friendly and conversational. It is wonderful to see the staff who have been there for years, to know Dr. Murakami is nearby, and to feel we are in good hands with Dr. Shirvani.”

— Mary M.


“I am can be somewhat phobic when it comes to dentists. As the first dentist I’ve ever really trusted, Dr. Murakami helped me transcend that feeling with her straightforward yet personable approach. I was very sad to see her retire. That being said, Dr. Shirvani’s gracious presence immediately put me at ease. I am happy that I continue to feel comfortable in this office and confident about the high-quality care I receive from this awesome dental practice.”

— Colleen S.


“Dr. Shirvani has a wonderful sense of calm and kindness happening between herself and office staff. Exactly what’s needed when ‘going to the dentist.’ Much thanks!!”

— Shirley B.


“Dr. Shirvani is wonderful. Kind and confident with an easy demeanor. I knew I was in excellent hands. Her injection skills are also amazing. Dr. Murakami is going to be missed. Thank you, Dr. M., for finding and bringing Dr. Shirvani. I know I will stay here with her and your charming staff Josie and Pat. Cheers.”

— Julia A.


“Dr. Shirvani took over the practice of my long-time dentist of decades, and I have been very pleased with the transition. She is warm, very competent, listens well, explains well. Great dentist and I hope more people go to see her so you can see for yourself. The staff that stayed through the transition are also very happy, which speaks volumes.”

— Christina S.


“I met Dr. Shirvani for my first time and am very happy that she is taking over. I can tell the excellent dental care that I receive will continue and friendly supportive office atmosphere enhanced. I look forward to more years of care and advice.”

— Howard T.

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